Are you ready to be inspired to express your authentic voice and start

new exciting adventures?

Do you have a dream for an exciting new future?

Are you ready for a new beginning?

Are you looking to stand in your power, find your voice and roar?

Are you ready to Reflect on who you truly are from a place of authenticity, Express your goals and

dreams out loud and walk away with an Action plan then this afternoon is for you!

The afternoon is about creating a space for you to reflect on who you truly are, empower you to express

your authentic voice and show you how to take sustainable action towards your new future.

Come and adventure with us during this afternoon of inspiration and self-empowerment, it is guaranteed

to leave you excited about your future.

Meet Your Coaches:

Carl Brooks

International business coach, speaker and author

JJ van Zon

Spiritual Life Coach, Yoga & Meditation Teacher and Love Ambassador

Yolande Olhaus-Sluiter

Personal Development Coach, Presenter and Facilitator