Personal Development Coaching

Are you ready to make a powerful investment in your life?

The program I offer you assists, guides and facilitates the making of an assessment of your life, understand why you made certain choices, developed certain behaviors, your positive beliefs and negative beliefs that are ruling your life right now.

Through the program you will learn to live your life in the now and be present at all times, as opposed to running your life on “auto-pilot”. The program I use is a proven, successful tool that will put you in control of your life making you realize how your negative beliefs and behaviors influence your thinking and actions and together we will explore the toolset of replacing the negative (often) subconscious thought pattern with a positive conscious thought pattern. Creating a new mindset for you that will enable you to turn your “I wish” into “I will”.




Divorce Coaching

If you are currently going through a divorce or have just been through the trauma of divorce, you will know that it is an emotional roller coaster like no other in your life. You are literally tearing your life in half.

Are you or have you been relying on friends and family for emotional support during your divorce? Often family members or friends have their own emotional baggage that they are dealing with, which often results in you being confronted with the family or friends emotions and feelings towards your (soon to be ex-) partner, resulting in more conflict and stress for you.

You will not be offered legal advice by your Coach, but you will be offered an objective, supportive and non-judgmental environment to share your story, in addition to assisting and guiding you in defining and refining your new goals.

You will have a sounding board to help you put your feelings into perspective and build confidence in yourself, to find a way to communicate with your (soon to be ex-) partner with as little confrontation as possible, and understand how the separation of their parents affect your children.

Relationship Coaching

Do you invest in your relationship? Do you truly listen to your partner? Do you dedicate special time to nurturing your relationship? Or do you just expect it to survive without nurturing it and communicating with each other…? Think of what happens to a plant or a tree when you forget to water it, it will slowly wilt and die, which is exactly what will happen to your relationships if you don’t “water” it!

A strong, healthy relationship can be one of the best support structures in life.

Would you like to understand the power of healthy communication? Would you like to master the art of speaking, but more importantly the art of listening to hear as opposed to listening to speak?

Would it benefit your relationship to get an understanding as to what causes conflict and how to deal with it? Are you ready to become a more effective communicator within your relationship?

Career Coaching

Are you at a cross road in your career? Maybe you are an enthusiastic newcomer in the world of entrepreneurship, looking at options and confused about which way to go, afraid of making mistakes, or maybe you are a seasoned professional and expert in your field, overwhelmed by the choices you have in today’s fast paced business landscape. Or perhaps you are facing retrenchment and would like to explore new avenues as a budding entrepreneur…Career Coaching offers you a supportive platform to explore your Values and set new goals.

You will get to understand why you do what you do, together we will research your options and create a roadmap going forward, providing you with clarity and an empowered and growth mindset for you to be the best you can be in your field of passion and expertise.

My number one advice as an entrepreneur ? : Don’t wait for things to be perfect before starting off with a new venture! THERE NEVER IS A PERFECT TIME AND YOU WILL NEVER KNOW EVERYTHING! JUST TAKE THAT FIRST STEP.