I am a Life and Personal Development Coach and I specifically work with ambitious women (and some men) of all ages who are feeling stuck or lost, lacking balance in their full, demanding lives, causing them stress and unhappiness.  Long term stress and unhappiness has been seen to lead to chronic health disorders and disease. Are you done with feeling angry and disappointed? Are you ready to make an investment in yourself, that will empower you to live your best life? Are you ready to take control and create the life you envision for yourself?

Would you like to find out more about how we can work together?

Fantastic!!! Here is a short description of what your journey with me will look like :

You will receive guidance and support along your journey of self-discovery creating clarity on your goals, while identifying and managing your fear and breaking down your limiting beliefs, you will identify your values and design your roadmap on getting from where you are now to where you really want to be.

If you are looking to step into your consciousness, like I did 9 years ago, I would love to work with you. My conscious journey of self-discovery started in 2008 when in a period of 5 years, I went through a divorce, watched my father die of cancer and lost my corporate job of 27 years. These three life changing evens catapulted me into a new search for meaning and purpose in my life.

After 27 years in Corporate Human Development, during which I developed, grew and stepped into my innate passion to serve people in their personal and professional development it was crystal clear to me that I needed to build on that foundation in my life journey going forward! When I came across the concept of Life Coaching, I knew immediately this is what I had been searching for. This was the tool that facilitated me to change my closed mindset and ultimately equipped me with the skills to take full responsibility for my own destiny.

Are you ready to take responsibility for your today and all your tomorrows?

You will have access to my guidance and support if you chose to sign up for the Coaching program!

During my years in Corporate I gained powerful insights into the struggles women face daily to divide their time and resources between their family responsibilities and their careers, often leaving them with little or no time to satisfy their own needs, resulting in excessive stress, failed relationships and ill health.

I feel your pain, I was there, I can identify with you from a heartfelt perspective having travelled this journey myself. It is with great gratitude that I can honestly say that my journey of self-discovery has led me to my purpose in life. For the past 5 years I have been incredibly privileged to be guiding many different women (and some men) like you, into their very own innate power and helping them to become unstuck, work through their limiting beliefs, overcome their fears and find their purpose in life.

Some quick facts about Yolande:

  • A passionate Life Coach who changes the lives of women all over the world to re-connect with themselves when they find themselves lost in the process of life, being a Wife/Partner, Mom, Professional, Home Maker, Taxi Driver, Nurse, Friend, Daughter, Sister… in short Super Woman.
  • Mom of two amazing daughters of 22 and 25, who make me very proud.
  • 30 years experience in the Corporate People Development and Services Industry.
  • An entrepreneur since 2013, when I co-founded PLConsulting and Premier Life Coaching.
  • Qualified as a Life Coach through New Insights in 2012.
  • Born in The Hague in the Netherlands and lived there until I was 23.
  • Emigrated to Johannesburg, South Africa in 1986 with just a suitcase in hand
  • In the first month I was offered 3 jobs and I chose the one nearest to the bus stop, this decision catapulted me into the people industry, which I will always be grateful for as it made me discover my passion and purpose in life!
  • Passionate about people development and mentoring.
  • Speaks English, Dutch, German and un petit peu le Francais!
  • Detests cruelty to animals, I have 4 rescue cats and 2 dogs and give freely of my time and resources to Pro-Life Animal Rescue Organisations .
  • Practises yoga, pilates and meditation to relax and runs and swims to stay fit.
  • Loves traveling and reading when not working.
  • Seeing a client transform fills me with gratitude and makes my heart sing with joy?! “For it is giving that we receive.” – St. Francis of Assisi

To contact me, email me at yolande@premierlifecoaching.co.za or contact +2782 960 6511.